Things to do around Pendine/Tenby in February!

Its my Sons 3rd Birthday over the weekend and we had booked 3 nights in Disney but due to my Sons illness we have had to cancel
My Son has a rare, severe form of Epilepsy and has up to 80 seizures a day and has not been great recently so i decided to leave it until the summer.

We have booked a cottage in Pendine ... seaside in February!? Hmm not my finest hour but i was determined to go somewhere and the boys loved Folly Farm last year.

My question is does anyone know any good places to eat/ takeaways or places to visit in or around Pendine that are open this weekend? Staying friday to monday, there is my husband, myself, aunty and uncle and our three boys aged 12,6 and soon to be 3!

Thanks :-)


There's the Crystal Maze, Oakwood, Heatherton or Country Manor Park?

The Savoy Country Inn on the A477 on the way into Tenby is fantastic.
Their food is lovely and reasonable priced.

There is also The Blue lagoon swim pool, which is nice, It also has a dry play area. Not the cheapest of places, but a nice day out.

Also Oakwood, which I don't think would be best place for your son if his Epilepsy is playing up.

Sad to hear you had to cancel Disney, but Im sure your son will be greatful of time away on a holiday. xx

How about a trip to Caldey Island, not much there to be honest, but thats what makes it great. A trip in the boat and a walk around the island will fill up half the day, maybe a bit longer if you wish.
If the weather is dry a trip to Pembroke castle, or very near to tenby is a loverly castle with a water mill, ive forgotten what its called, but again a nice trip out.
Folly farm is a great day out too, as you already know.
There are very nice little pubs in tenby that are child friendly and reasonably priced.
What ever you decide have a wonderful time. - in the middle of Pendine open all year round - all ages welcome

I go to Tenby a lot as my daughter lives there. In Feb i'd say Folly Farm is a must, great family place with plenty of indoor stuff to do as well if the weather's bad. Miles better than Manor Park (which is run by Anna Ryder Richardson now) but that's open at the weekends in winter too unlike a lot of other places. Oakwood will defo be shut.

Pendine is not a brilliant place compared to Tenby tbh, it's more of a caravan park with a bit of a village bolted on (or vice versa) but I'm sure you'll have a good time. The Museum of Speed there is worth a (quick) look though and you can go for a drive on the beach yourself though watch out for nutters! If your son is ok in pubs, I would recommend the Buccaneer or Five Arches for good food in Tenby. The chinese in Tenby (ask when you're there - I've forgotten the name) is excellent for a more expensive night out.

PM if you need any more advice, I'll try and get back to you ASAP
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