Things to do in London - any ideas? any promotional vouchers out there?

    I'm going to London next week wit 2 kids (6 + 9) and have a couple of hours to fill in on Thursday afternoon (before Lion King) and also a couple of hours the next morning.

    Does anyone have suggestions as to what we can do/where we can go without MASSIVE expense?

    Saw the CBBC tours but kids have to be 7 - i thonk they would have enjoyed that!


    The science museum is good fun lots of buttons to press atc, and entry is free, took my 10 and 6 year old last week both enjoyed it. The natural history museum is free too and has dinosaurs etc.Duck tours look like great fun but may be a bit pricey(turns from a bus to a boat).sue

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    thanks, i did see hte duck tour thing. They would probably love it, will have to work out a budget.
    also came across madame tussauds + meal at planet hollywood - £24 per person, but think they would prefer the duck cruise/drive

    You don't want to do duck tours with kids at this time of year, trust me.
    Everything else in London is too expensive, the science and natural history museums are always good for kids that age though.

    havent been to the museums recently but most museums in london are free, i think ... the Timeout website (…on/) might be a good place to see what's going on and it's updated at least weekly ...

    the dinosaurs at the natural history museum would be my recommendation. entrance is free.

    Anyone have any VALID vouchers for the rainforest cafe. Found a few onlien but all now out of date. 2 kiddies want to see this place, and seeing as its about £13 for a plastic burger and fries, I thought I would try and save a few ££££££'s

    Also, anyoen any food vouchers for any other family orientated London restaurant,s plane tholywood etc etc ?

    Visiting next week
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