Things to do in London for 2 and half year kid

Posted 1st Aug 2020
Hi, we have a 2 and half year boy and wanted to take him to some places in London, any ideas pls and also what’s the best way to get cheaper tickets or passes please, thanks in advance to all of you.
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Seaside.. park...
This is just my opinion... London isn’t fun for a two and half year old.
Not much
Take him somewhere more fun
Seaside.. park...
This is just my opinion... London isn’t fun for a two and half year old.
Last time I went to London with the kids when they were small, we got one of those river taxis up to Greenwich and then the cable car over the river. I think it was all part of the TfL day pass and you paid a bit extra for the cable car at that time.Greenwich Park is a nice bit of open space for a run around too.
my cousin came to see me earlier this year and she had 2 and 3 year olds children with her. i took them to the science museum and they really loved it. they particularly liked the play area in the basement and could have stayed there all day!

it was free so it was a bonus. i had never been to the science museum before and i thought it was very good myself.

we took a TFL boat from westminster to greenwich, and that was really good. the children loved that.

the day after my cousin took them on the london eye and the children loved that as well.

i also took them to the natural science museum, but the children didn't think much of the dinosaurs. i was going to take them on the cable car from greenwich but we ran out of time. i think that would definitely worth a go. i haven't been on that one myself either.
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You might find it better to wait for a while (even if it means a year or more) until the situation with coronavirus has (hopefully) improved and museums and the like are back to normal again. I'd think that perhaps the "hands on" play areas in these places might not be available for use and they would be the most fun things for a small child.
You could always take them to the city farms. The London zoo is pretty decent (2 for 1 using trains but check prices for kids). The science museum has shows and the area in the basement is geared for younger children.
The science museum isn’t reopening until 19 Aug , and they will still have certain parts closed . Normally I’m a big advocate for visiting London, live 30 minute train ride away , so took the kids all the time when they were younger and visit lots now. However I really don’t think you will get the most out of going at the moment , especially with a 2 1/2 year old . My niece has already started going to shows at this age , but obviously none are open at present . Also don’t forget that for adults the mask rule has now been extended to include museums etc , which although understandable isn’t altogether comfortable when you have already been wearing it on public transport too. If you do go anyway , the Emirates Air Line Cable car is a good call for little ones , and mine always enjoyed Hamleys when they were little too, although it’s easier when they are slightly older so a buying budget can be set . Need to book in advance, its free and no obligation to buy a drink.

Feed the ducks in Hyde park.

Changing of the guard is free, think around 10:30 (awfully dull in my opinion).

Also, the museums if open.

If you are feeling rich, Hamleys toy store.
ohh, one more thing thats included on the travel card :…ne/

Also, if you are near Waterloo, London eye. They have a free 5d experience which is pretty good. You get blasted with snow at the end.

Plus 2 for 1 on entry (if they are open) with train ticket :…don (pain as 3 of you). Includes Kidzania which is supposed to be great.
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