Things to do in New York?

    My girlfriend and I will be going to New York in a few weeks for 10 nights.

    We've already booked to go to the top of the Rockefeller tower for sunset, and a trip to Coney Island, but is there anything else that's considered a 'must see/must do' (shopping excluded)?


    oh you lucky things,never been there but have a lovely time whatever you decide to do

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    We were going to go to Spain, but decided 'What the hell' and booked NY, as neither of us really fancied a beach holiday.

    what the hell holidays are always the best lol

    Dont know but, google it! If in doubt google it!

    The Empire State building is impressive, I have a picture of me and my son on top of it, with the twin towers in the background in 2001. :-(

    loads to do in new York but would recommend:
    get the tourist bus ticket that allows you to use all lines for a number of days…ps/ this la gets you sorted as to where things are when you arrive, gives you a night tour of the city with its lights but also can just be used to get around for a couple of days (it's not something i would have chosen to do but MOH really wanted to do it and it really changed my mind about this sort of thing)
    Empire state building…cfm
    book your tickets on line and print them before you go it avoids the initial queue for ticket sales
    look on line as to when sunset is when you are there and plan to go up about 30 mins before so you can stay and see the city in the dark.
    Staten island ferry
    its free its a sit down and you get great views of liberty and the city skyline get off and straight back on for the return leg
    Brooklyn bridge
    again its free it takes about half an hour each way but the views are stunning
    Central Park is just nice to get away from the buildings for a couple of hours
    Grand Central station is also free and is just like the pictures really worth a visit
    Hope this helps have fun
    P.S. love the pic of Trekkie Monster

    There is a great food store on 80th and Broadway in New York, its great to pick up fresh food for a picnic and a very short walk to Central Park from there. We went almost every day, its called Zabars :thumbsup:

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    Some great suggestions there, thanks.

    Go ice skating in central park and take pics with the skyline in the's fantastic ...

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    Go ice skating in central park

    No can do, I've got a gimpy leg and walk with a stick.

    Cheers anyway.


    No can do, I've got a gimpy leg and walk with a stick.Cheers anyway.


    get yourself to Juniors cheesecake shop in Grand Central Station, to die for!!!
    Use the subway, very cheap way to travel and we felt really safe,
    Times square at night is breathtaking!

    Above all take a million photos! I love New York and am very, very jealous........have a fantastic time!

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    I'm not a fan of cheesecake normally, but I'll give it a try.

    We've already got several gigs worth of memory cards for the cameras, barely a square inch will go unphotographed.

    Underground in Central Station is great, last time I was there just bought a beer and sat and watched people. The seats face outwards around the food stations purposley!
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