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Found 27th Jun 2010
So I'm off to NY at the start of August, any recommendations about where to go/what to do?
Of course I'll be going to Macy's and so on, but I've heard that most of the good things there are the smaller shops which offer far bigger discounts!

I'm going with my mum, plan to take my SLR and get some nice pictures and get some cheap Levi's and clothes and maybe an iPad while I'm at it but I have no clue where to buy everything/where to go!

Any advice would be great :thumbsup:

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the applestore is on fifth avenue if you want an ipad.


the applestore is on fifth avenue if you want an ipad.

I'm going end of July and here's a tip which I've picked up from numerous people who are trying to source an ipad in NY.
Email apple a week before you go..
I'll find the email addy leter, but they've said that should be enough time, and if it happens to come in stock before you get there they will try their hardest to hold it for you ( they are only supposed to hold them 24h)
Also check out the best buy on 5th ave, I can see that they current have the 3g 64gb model in :thumbsup:
Anyways off to watch football :-D

go to a show and buy your tickets from the TCKTS booth in times square

Nathans hotdogs! :thumbsup:

Take the Staten Island ferry for a free trip past the statue of Liberty.

If you're going to do some sight seeing as well as shopping I recommend the top of the rock. Having done both this and the empire state, this one is far better. You can see all of central park, and you have the empire state in your view too!
If you're planning to do the statue of liberty I highly recommend the climb to the crown. You will need to book tickets online before you go, as they are only sold in reduced numbers, but it's well worth it, especially if it's a clear day!

Century 21 is a great shop - down by Ground Zero (next to Hilton Millenium). Its got all sorts of designer stuff and normal stuff for a fraction of the price.

Also visit the NYPD Museum - we were there for ages and its really fascinating - get in a line up like the Usual Suspects and take a photo - see all the old mafia photos and weapons taken from gangs. It was free to visit and you only had to put donation in the box like $5 or something.

Definitely do the Staten Island Ferry as that's free and you get a brilliant view of the NY skyline on the way back. Just get on, cross over then get off and go round to get the return trip.

Central Park worth a visit - there's the ice rink, zoo, Strawberry Fields memorial, loads and its too big to do in one go.

Have a fab time! Wish it was me again

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Cheers for the replies guys, truth be told I thought I'd get no replies with a certain sport being played at the time of posting! I'll be sure to check out all those places
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