Things to do in New York when you're not dead...

    My wonderful fantastic wife has gone and pulled a sneaky (booking NY for my Bornday).

    Now, I need to get some tips in quick for this

    Going for a weekend, planning on getting some photography in and eating like americans do (when in rome...).

    Staying in midtown (Manhattan, 54th, Broadway - 5 blocks from Times Square).

    Any tips?


    are you 21 or greater?

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    Kinda... about 9 years over that mark...

    use the subways, they are safe and the easiest way to travel from A to B, cabs spend most of their time stuck in traffic

    drink loads of JAMBA JUICE :thumbsup:

    allow your wife to sample as many american hot dogs as she can handle:thumbsup:

    if you like taking good pics mate then go to the top of the empire state building! OMG the view from the top is beyond words

    [COLOR="red"]Go to Queensbridge and chill with the maaaad dawgs.[/COLOR]

    You have to 'take in a show'. We went to see 'Fosse' when we were there, years ago. It was brilliant.
    and .. it's pretty much compulsory to go down to do the boat trip to the Statue of Liberty etc.

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    Might buy a new camera when out there as well

    It might be worth having a look at the 'New York Pass'. ]http//ww…=12
    We used it and up saving a lot of time and money. It also gives you $10 off Planet Hollywood each day. :thumbsup:
    I would also thoroughly recommend 'The Beast' which is a speed-boat ride which takes you out to the Statue of Liberty.

    Go Wal-Mart and Target that is heaven. You get every product that you will ever need in your life.

    Empire state building - book on line for just before sunset stay until sun goes down
    If you don't mind bus tours do the NYC bus tour for a day or 2 its jump on and off - its a great way to se NYC prior to venturing our on your own.
    Walk across brooklyn bridge (takes half an hour - great views of manhattan for photos) get the subway back or visa versa
    take the staten island ferry there and back - again its free and you get great photo ops of statue of liberty and manhattan.
    Walk round lower end of central park take in strawberry fields (good first thing for photos with city in the back ground)
    Venture out into time sq and 42nd street at night again great photos and far safer now than most cities at night.
    Walk from time square to wall street - takes a while but you can take in grand central - chrysler and flat iron building if you plan a route through and down to the twin tours site ( carry on south to the ferry for a bit of a rest after this)

    Have a great time


    My mate got stung there cos he got into the wrong colour cab! I cant remember if it was a yellow or a black one he got into. It cost him 100 bucks instead 10 bucks. He still goes on about it years after it happened.!

    At a guess id go for the yellow ones!

    Have a good time!


    wow, have a fab time, breakfast at tiffanys is something i would love to do x

    The view from the top of the Rockerfeller is far better than the Empire State (in my opinion) reason being from the top of the rock you see Central Park & the Empire State...AWESOME!

    As someone else mentioned, walk from Times Square to Wall Street & take it all in.

    Ghostbusters firehouse is in Tribeca! A must see in my eyes!!

    Fit in a Knicks game or Rangers games at Madison Square Garden.

    Have fun xx

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    Cheers everyone.

    Heard about the Rockerfeller (read it on a site), so will deffo try that one.

    Also, the firehouse from G/busters was already on the list :thumbsup:

    Planning on doing an early morning Central Park walk as well, possibly towards the West Side for the other building that was in Ghostbusters (try and get that type of shot/skyline).

    Have a lovely Born day xxx

    What a lovely wife you have, go give her a hug xx


    Cheers...Might buy a new camera when out there as well

    I should check store prices on-line before you go Browni.
    We were quite surprised when we wanted to pick up a new camcorder last November that the prices weren't as good as we hoped, certainly not $ for £, which they used to be back in the day!! Hubby did get one from Walmart but after a lot of browsing.

    Looking forwards to the pics.:thumbsup:


    My sister went with school and the whole carriage got threatened by a … My sister went with school and the whole carriage got threatened by a drunk guy waving a big knife in their faces in the middle of the day....

    Sure it wasnt here in Glasgow lol

    I am so jealous reading all these tips for New York - as I so want to go!!!!! Your wife is so lovely doing this for your birthday :thumbsup:

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    Booked Rockerfeller tickets for sunset pictures :thumbsup:

    Make time for a good stroll in Central Park, I definitely recommend a restaurant called New York Ninja, its simply amazing and Ruby Foo's in Times Square. The Guggenheim Museum is worthy of some good pics right next to Central Park, down from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, all note worthy places though.

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    Where about's is the Ninja? Is it close to Mid-Town?


    make sure your passport is in immaculate condition

    my gf's brother went to miami to work for a week on a company's accounts last monday (30/08).

    customs said a page was missing from his passport so he was locked up for 29 hours with only 1 bottle of water. Interrogated for 8 hours and accused of being in libyan training camps last year (he actually went to thailand twice!).

    then shipped back in handcuffs without his passport so had to spend 5 hours trying to get back in the UK!

    I kid you not!
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