Things to do in prague

heading off to prague on wednesday with Tazxxx and some other lads.
wheres some good places to go?
day and night!


Eat sleep drink and be merry....

Look on - Search for Prague and there is a 'things to do' with a list of all activities that people have rated and also shows reviews from fellow travelers.... an essential read!

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cheers mate. some good stuff on there. have you been? any recommendations?

prosti.....oh wait

black gerbil1;3293557

prosti.....oh wait


and dont catch anything your mother doesnt want to know about ... lol

hi mate i went 2 years ago it's a great place. Not sure what you've read on tripadvisor as those guys are pretty thorough but deffo go up the funicular to the mini eifel tower (not sure of the name for it) u get amazing panaoramic views of prague for like £4-5! The castle is pretty great too and if your interested in where mission impossible was filmed its on the castle side of charles bridge, down the stairs and you'll recognise it! :thumbsup:

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black gerbil1;3293557

prosti.....oh wait

any recommendations?

why pay for something i can ge for free :P

Went last october, fatastic place!
about 50 - 60p per pint in backstreet pubs!
Would recommend the river boat ride, that was cool.

A quick trip up the TV tower, a walk across Charles bridge and a brief stop to look at the Orloj clock. All remaining time to be spent in beer halls and strip clubs


A quick trip up the TV tower

The one with the babies on?
I didn't know you could go up it, might have to check that out..

Beware of very clever pick pockets there!

Never put jackets or bags on back of chairs as they are so quick at it:x

Apart from that have great time:thumbsup:

My mate went out there and went to a shooting range. He said it was cheap and really fun. Do a bit of research matey.
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