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Found 1st May 2009
A large number of us are catching the train down to Torquay for a Jolly Boys outing - have been before and visited most of the pubs etc but wondered if we have missed anything - we get down there early tomorrow morning so will be trying to find somewhere for a cooked breakfast and then will try and find things to do until the evening when we visit the pubs and clubs. I know of the Bowlplex down but can you think of anything else we may have missed last time

Thanks for any help
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They got a lap dancing venue on the harbour now, just a few doors up from The whetherspoon pub. if you got the day to kill and like motorbikes they have a festival on Paignton green, which is a 20 min bus ride away. They got a ballon on the seafront now but its £15 a go, which last 20 mins. They got a Reilys snooker hall at the Top off town. Quite a few off the pubs have shut down recently, but there are still a few open. Havnt been out on the town for a while so cant really give you a good pub / club to visit. we usually have a beer in a few on the way down. Hope this is off some help.
Thanks very much Leecroot - looks like its a bus ride to Paignton then
Is the motorbike festival at paignton tomorrow?
Also can you recommend anywhere to park??
We r down again, on the M5 as I type!
Yes It is Here is a website with information…tml

It shows you the car parks etc

Yes It is Here is a website with … Yes It is Here is a website with information shows you the car parks etc

It looks really cool!
Thanks so much for that:thumbsup:
Go to the casino afterwards!!
For lunch go to either Jingles or Amigos. They are AMAZING Tex-Mex restaurants. Do not however go there for tea. You will be too full and you will not be wanting to go out into Torquay afterwards!!!!
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