things to do nearish to sheffield if its raining

Found 6th Jun 2009
hi everyone what can i do tomorrow in the rain in or around sheffield...will be apart from me pensioners...only 3 people not a bus load...i know all you great people are full of great ideas and suggestions and as i dont know the area i am stuck for ideas
thanks in advance
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Duck and cover :giggle:

i only saw a few min of that yuk..i hate spiders
play a game where you take them all to the town center and see how long it takes them to find their way back home...................hours of fun!!!:thumbsup:

or take them to an indoor shopping center for a cheap lunch - oaps love food and bargains:thumbsup:
Drive down to the South and enjoy the sun
Meadowhall is the obvious choice.
thanks for suggestions up to now...i dont mind driving as long as its not hours away...
i cant face meadowhall...
Take them to the ski village lol
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