Things to go on pancakes.

    I've having my pancake day today.

    Anything you have out of the ordinary to go on pancakes so my mam can pick them up at the shop on the way back from work?

    I've got the basics like:
    Golden Syrup
    Chocolate Spread
    Lemon Juice.... etc.

    Heard about ice cream on another thread, so stuff like that, something you think i would never of tried before.

    Ta peoples :-)


    Black cherrys and shurrup i'm drooling!!!


    We have bananas and cinnamon on them.

    Melt a little butter in the pan, chop up some banana, throw it in, little bit of cinnamon and mmmmm.

    Chocolate buttons and sliced banana, yum!

    Raspberry jam and squirty cream. :thumbsup:


    Chocolate buttons and sliced banana, yum!

    Strawberry Jam

    Sometimes we get blueberries and throw them in the batter mixture, I reckon the blueberry ones are nice with a little bit of lemon curd.

    sliced banana,vanilla ice cream,schooshy cream and hot maple syrup

    Stewed Apple and Vanilla Ice Cream

    or as a savoury alternative you can put grated cheese and ham inside

    It's all about squirty cream!

    kebab meat FTW

    Nutella, banana & ice-cream - yum, yum yum!!

    Tomatoe Ketchup

    We have savoury and then sweet pancakes, works a treat

    Savoury are great, perhaps nice smoked ham and cheese, or spinach cheese and walnut, or salmon in a chive cheese sauce

    Then cant go wrong with nutella and a coffee ice cream for sweet

    nutella with melted marshmellows :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Most of them sound great. Don't like bananas though... some of them are just quite plain weird :giggle:

    See how much i can get away with but i'm going to try:

    Chocolate spread
    Golden Syrup
    Lemon Juice
    Ice Cream
    Squirty Cream
    Mini marshmallows.


    Tomatoe Ketchup

    Like all the other suggestions but sorry that is just so not right.

    Original Poster


    You'll be sick:w00t:

    not going to have them all together.... or shall i???

    Planning on having different combinations on each. Can get through about 5-7 pancakes a sitting so will have to wait and see

    7 pancakes!!!!!!!

    Wow - 3 and I'm stuffed!

    Prawns in a creamy cheese sauce.


    Prawns in a creamy cheese sauce.

    You'll be sick:w00t:

    i had my pancake day yesterday, with bacon and srambled eggs.

    Think i may make some tody as well.
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