things to put in a "don't stress" jar

    I'm making a "don't stress" jar for my friends who have a young child. What can I put in it? I'm thinking babysitting voucher, wine... That's as far as I got! I would like to put something in for their child too.


    Infacol in case it's colicky . Swore by the stuff when mine was little . A nice fluffy blanket . Things smelling of lavender . That's very good for calming things down

    Bubble bath, scented candles, play doh/colouring book, crayons/pencils/washable pens, small cuddly toy?

    valium, alcohol

    lavender scent bag and ear plugs both help with sleeping

    hot chocolate (maybe the cubes which you stir into hot milk as seems more luxurious) xx

    As above..... But you are going need a big jar! X)

    Ear plugs always go down well.
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