Think the motherboard is Kaput but how can I check

    Purchased a new PSU as my intention was to add a further DVD Drive to a unit with Two hard drives, graphics card,wireless card and a existing DVD drive.
    Stripped the old PSU out and installed the new, connecting all the old units to it. Turned on nothing happened. Checked all the connections turned on again the only sign of life was a front panel green light showing there was power.

    Stripped the new PSU out and replaced it with the old. Nothing apart from the front panel light.
    Stripped the whole thing back to the MOBO leaving the CPU and heat sink as I don`t have any compound.
    Fitted the Ram after testing on another machine and a hard drive also one back fan turned on got a kick from heat sink fan and back fan but nothing else. Well apart from the green power light.
    NO beeps no posting beep and no rapid beeps nothing.

    From this I have concluded it is the MOBO If anyone can suggest another way of testing I would be grateful another thing I would ask is How can I test to see if it is the CPU .It is a Two year old 3ghz Prescott but the computer it is on runs 24,7 but there was no indication anything was wrong with the chip


    Have you wired the power and harddrive led/switch wires the right way?

    I did this before and was wondering why pushing the power button didn't do anything, The wires where a totally different colour to that of the mobo so had a fiddle around and connected them different and then the PC would come on but not switch off.

    Something very simple but i was wiring them to a older case with different wire colours!

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    Thanks for your reply but as I stated the machine was working and at first only the PSU was replaced. That is when the problem started. when I stripped down to check the rest of the components and then replaced them the wiring was returned to the original places both on the motherboard and casing

    I had a similar problem turned out I had pulled the cable for power that joined the on/of button loose.
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