Think the nintendo switch will go cheaper than £238 ?

Found 27th Oct 2017
Can pick one up for £238 with no games, think during black friday or so they will go as cheap if not cheaper ? cheers
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I doubt it - it's selling plenty well enough without a price drop any time soon.
You are going to have to wait for a model change before it gets cheaper because as said it’s selling well enough
Sadly I don't see it going lower than 250 for a good while. It's rarely been lower than its RRP. It's been RRP with a game or a bit extra for a top AAA game and a low quality game.

£238 is decent if it's used it's roughly in the range of what a used console goes for (here in London it seems £225-250).

I managed to get a switch for £160, but I had to do without a box, charger and dock system. So just the tablet, joy cons, straps usb C cable and that controller mod.

Believe my next best option was a £225 console with box but the seller wasn't replying to anyone on shpock.
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