Think you've got an STD?

    There's an app for that!

    Pee-on-a-stick, at home STD tests may be available in UK pharmacies soon, complete with an incredibly convenient app that would save you a trip to the clinic. It works like this: if you suspect you may have an STD, you would pee on a device which is then inserted into your mobile phone. The app then "diagnoses" your sample and returns results.

    Link below


    you taking the ****?

    Could be good for leading to safer sex, 'before we start do mind peeing into my come back.....please'


    There's an App for t.w.a.t

    Edited by: "dmorison" 19th Nov 2010

    There's an app for clap

    It can also analyse stool samples.

    There's an app for shat.

    ewww! how about not tarting around in the 1st place
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