Thinking about pursuing a career in joinery

    Seen the advert for…php, the site doesnt seem to give much info.

    How realistic is it ?, they say you learn alot at home...

    Has anyone pursued this kind of training?

    Will they provide me will all training and qualifications needed to become a joiner?

    Any info/advice would be great.


    I am no expert in this field (unless you want to ask me university physics?) but I believe these courses can be good but it is usually a safer and better method to try tech first ( Community colleges offer trade courses)

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    Try tech?

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    Bump for this week.

    Hey jaybizzle

    That looks like an opportunity to learn a real trade that will always be in demand. Joiners are skilled and respected craftsman and should not be confused with a jobbing builder that just saws up lumps of 4x2"!

    Education and training is in a mess in the UK. We have too many media studies students who spend three years doing a degree just to work in McDs flipping burgers. The reason for this is that the country doesn't need media studies graduates, it needs skilled people with a useful trade. Why does everybody think they need to do a degree to be skilled? It's nonsense!

    I hope you get a place on the course and learn something useful. It will probably be hard work at times and you will need to practice and have some discipline. But if you stick at it you can have a career that you can be proud of and will keep you in work for life (and earn you some good ££££s!).

    Good luck
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