Thinking about selling my bike.

    Hi looking for advice,
    Got a Silverfox Pitviper a while back.
    Road it about 3 times.
    But looking to sell to raise funds for pc/ xbox 360.

    Where would be best to sell
    And for how much?
    I will upload pics tonight.
    But i am just getting a general feel.

    I've seen my bike go for £87 + £20 postage on ebay the other day.

    All responses appriciated.


    You could have a look ]here at similar bikes (Silverfox) to see what they're going for new & then go from there .... hope this helps

    Original Poster

    i cant find it on their, they used to sell it at toys'r'us for £219.99.

    The benefit of what I've learnt about bike sales on eBay:
    - Bikes do much better if you offer postage - you increase your sales area. Try Pharos for cheaper courier charges and make sure you estimate it properly before listing it. £20 sounds about right, but you don't want to lose money like this.
    - Wash your bike and take lots of pictures. Explain any bits which may need attention (probably nothing in your case). Also explain why you are selling it.
    - If possible, give a current RRP - try Google Shopping. It helps people decide if yours is a bargain
    - The auctions I've done best on have started at 1 pence with no reserve. This seems like a bit of a risk, but with bikes it' s less so, as plenty of people are looking at them daily. My theory is that with such a low price, people make a bid anyway, whether they're really keen or not, and this starts to drive the price up. Auctions which start at, say £70 are less successful, as people don't see it as a potential bargain, and that's what most people on eBay want - a bargain. If you think this is really risky, have a 10 day auction.
    - put a list of similar bikes in the bottom of your listing, then when people search for those bikes, yours will also come up if they've searched on content. you can do it like this 'Please ignore: Trek, Specialised, Fort, Cannondale:

    Original Poster

    thanks for your advice. My bike has some scratches but thats about it.
    Ill take some photos today.
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