Posted 12th Jan 2023
Just a heads up on those thinking of renewing or applying for a British Passport, looks like a price increase is incoming at the start of February 2023, so you might want to apply ASAP. It's a good idea to apply now, if you can also, as you'll beat the 'Summer rush' and lots of delays due to demand.

From 2nd February, the price of passport fees will increase, the fee for a standard online application made from within the UK will rise from £75.50 to £82.50 for adults and £49 to £53.50 for children.

If you can afford to apply for more than one passport, e.g family of 4 or 5, it could save you around £30 (Based on 2 Adults and 3 Children) for online applications. For Postal applications, you're looking at an even a bigger cost.

See Changes to passport application fees / Source British passport applications fees will rise from February
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    Don't forget to budget an extra £7.15 for Royal Mail Special Delivery to send in your old passport and the extra £5 for secure delivery of the new one.
    It says supporting documents are sent back Second Class but £5 for Secure Delivery. Is this £5 for both the new passport and supporting documents to get returned together or are £5 each? TIA.
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    With regards my cars MOT, I can renew it a month prior to the expiration of the current one and the month gets added onto my new MOT - is there a similar system for passport renewals?
    No but the renewal is x amount of years from your old expiry date and needs to be done before 6 months is left on your old one if I remember.
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    Love this bit

    "The government does not make any profit from the cost of passport applications."

    No, but plenty of private companies who make them these days do!
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    Cheers. I'm just about to renew.

    One thing I just became aware of: to get into the EU, your passport must have been ISSUED within the last 10 years.
    My current one had a validity of 10 yrs 9 months as I renewed early last time before a big trip. Even though it still has 9 months validity left, I would be rejected entry to the EU as it was now issued over 10 years ago.
    Yep that is what is catching a lot of people out lately.
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    Don't leave it to the last minute. Expect more strikes hence ridiculous turnover times eg 12-14 weeks, as experienced throughout the whole of 2022.
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    Ridiculous how much they cost nowadays shouldn't be anymore than £50
    Yeah, big wad of cash i know

    Hopefully this heads up can help save a few ££££'s before the increase.
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    What happens if you haven't had a passport for over 10 years I guess I would need 2 references?
    Only if your appearance has changed considerably.
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    How long do they last?
    The use by date is 10 years or 5 for kids
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    I did my passport renewal last week, they received my old passport Tues, and I received my new one Friday excellent service, was fully expecting 10 weeks.
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    Crazy expensive, that's as much as it costs me to renew my Norwegian one and we're usually much more expensive than other countries for everything.
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    For me we pay taxes they should be free it’s pathetic
    Not everyone needs a passport. Why should they subsidise yours?
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    Also probably last chance to renew passport referencing Queen rather than Charles when they update that info. Hoping I can skip straight to Willy when time comes...
    How about keeping a 'spare' passport
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    thank you
    Most welcome
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    Turnaround times for passport renewals is pretty quick.... I applied for the other half and it was delivered in 7 working days.... amazing 👏
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    I renewed mine last week - sent in on the Monday in the post and new one arrived back on the Friday, good processing time at the moment it seems.
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    Lovely french made blue....
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    My 2 kids need new ones, good to know thanks
    Most welcome @bobdylan
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    Thanks. My children passports are due for renewals.
    Cheers Dan
    Glad i can be of some help!
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    Thanks for this. Need to renew my daughter's
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    Thanks for that @Dan_82 renewed mine last year, but my little one's is dew to expire soon. Thanks foe saving me money. Every little helps 🏾
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    Welcome all!

    Also thanks to all the other members, with the extra helpful replies so far (edited)
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    Thank you
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    Thanks for the share @Dan_82 - mine expires in April, so need to get it renewed asap
    Most welcome
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    Cheers, just been down to renew,.
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    Thank you mine need renewing . And I am in need of a holiday
    Welcome! Looking out the window, i think i'm in need of some warmer climates also!
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    Thanks for this. This kids are out of date
    Sell the kids, and breed some new ones ...
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    They're redesigning the Monopoly board, there's going to be a "pay £82.50 to get out of UK" square.

    In Germany passports are priced according to the number of pages, starting at £72. (edited)
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    8 quid per year for 10 yrs is hardly extorniate.
    You clearly miss the point. For example, a Spanish passport costs 30 euros.

    That is 3 euros a year in your money.
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    Hmm.. mine isn't expiring until Feb 24, worth renewing it now?
    Tends to need renewing within 6 months of date if planning to go outside europe, 3 months for europe.
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    Is this confirmed? I thought it's still to be discussed in parliament?
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    All part of the plan,make travel available only for the rich and roll out of 15 minute city's
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    my passport expires September this year, can i renew now? Thanks
    You need to soon anyhow. The new rules are that you need 3 months validity left to travel to any EU country except Ireland so it's effective expiry date is June this year. (edited)
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    Thanks Dan. We need 4 renewing (3A +1C) 🏻
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    Started my renewal last night thanks to you! Thank you!
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    Effectively anybody due a renewal in the next 12 months should apply now to make a saving - and there will be a big rush aswell which may cause a delay
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    Told you all the criticism of the government would be deleted.

    Welcome to North Korea.

    (Surely this website is losing money because our economy has been so trashed?)
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