Thinking of buying a Xiaomi Rednote 3 Pro Prime + Aliexpress Query

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Found 6th Dec 2016
Morning all,

Im in dire need of a new smartphone with my aging Moto G (1st gen) starting to show its age. Ive been researching various budgetish smartphones over the past few weeks such as the Moto G4, Wileyfox Swift 2 + and the Huawei P9 Lite. I stumbled across the Xiaomi Series of smartphone, and it seems you get way more bang for your buck for £150.

Im interested in purchasing this phone specifically, The Xiaomi Rednote 3 Pro Prime?…79b

I was wondering if anyone has brought this phone before and could give me an overview of their experience with Xiaomi phones in general (even better if its this phone specifically). Im interested in how easy the phone was to set up (i understand it needs to be flashed?), how has it held up since you purchased the phone, whats the user interface like, and whether there are any niggling issues with UK phone Carriers. Im thinking of putting my BT sim in this, but am unsure if this phone or Xiaomi in general work well with BT sims.

One last, query. Whats your experience been ordering from aliexpress? Smooth or a complete nightmare?

Apologies, first time seriously considering purchasing a non major phone from outside the UK, and could use some advice before taking the plunge.

ANy advice is much appreciated.

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5 Comments…tml I bought this phone a month ago. It was delivered within 2 weeks. Very impressed.

Ordered mine for aliexpress. Free delivery avoids duty in most cases and it took 14 days to arrive. Did not remove buyer protection as wanted the insurance they give. Get a case a screen cover at purchase time. Easy setup although nearest locale is Falklands as no UK but that's not a problem. Different ui on phone as more like ios so my not used apps I just put in a single folder to tidy things up... Basically no app draw... Some get around this with a different launcher but I can't see the point. I have kept the stock rom and so as 2 of my friends,with no problems so far. Use banking apps. PayPal ect on phone. Camera is ok outside but a bit poor inside but hay ho. Who cares.. Good enough overall. No lag. Good battery life. My previous phone was a g4 and apart from camera I don't miss it. Buy. You wont regret.

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thanks for the replies. will my BT SIM card work with this?

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cheers. thanks everyone, placed an order this morning. will see how it handles when it eventually arrives!
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