Thinking of buying this cooler bag, need help choosing an ice pack?

Found 1st Aug 2009
I'm thinking of buying this cooler bag:…htm

Not sure what sort of ice pack would be ideal to keep frozen food from my freezer stay cold enough for a 4 hour journey, also wondering how many ice packs will i need?

Thanks, any help appreciated.
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reviews say so!!

i have a cool bag similar size. we put ice block from freezer at bottom and drinks in. drove to holland and was still nice and cold!! so yeah they work.

i got mine from asda. similar kind of price
Just thinking whats the ideal ice pack to fit in one of these bags and how much grams/kg's is suitable?
the smaller rectangle ice blocks about 1inch thick are better than the large flat ones. Fill bag as much as possible and it will work best
I don't think i would trust food to stay frozen from the freezer with ice blocks on a 4 hour journey , I usually put ice blocks at the bottom, middle and top, for a journey of that length if you want food to stay frozen I would suggest a box with an adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car.
No problem if you want to keep it cold, just fill bag as much as possible.
oh sorry dude. was half asleep and not read ur post!!
I'd recommend against the freeze board type and go for thick ice blocks (they stay frozen longer).

I picked up a few packs of ice blocks from asda (if I remember correctly they were two for £1). They aren't as thick as I would have liked, but they do the job and I just put in a couple extra.

Have the ice blocks at both the bottom, and the top of the coolbag.
Thanks for the replies.

Popping down Tesco which has an Argos store few doors away so will have a look for some ice packs, there wouldn't be any harm in putting too many ice blocks in the bag, not sure how many I should buy if I stroll past a few in the next few days.
Asda have a coolbox for £7 you might be interested in (21 litres if I remember correctly) I have two.
I put around 3 - 4 ice blocks on the bottom and the same on the top depending how thick they are.
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