Thinking of buying this TV

    Hi, I am thinking of buying this TV…tml

    does everyone think this is a good TV and a good deal
    thanks in advance


    Blimey, good spec TV for this price, 1080p too, would definately go for this, how much is delivery and are they a good company though?

    £799 at Currys, worth posting this as a deal on here.

    Good price. Last year I looked at the 52" Aquos and reading the reviews. They were best for overal budget and quality. It wont beat the high end market but for that price its a great tv.

    In the end I got the philips aurea and took me ages to pay for Good Tv though.

    Rec. that tv easily.

    Name & Registered Office:
    S30 3XA
    Company No. 01327741

    Registered since 1977, so its a ligit company, reading reviews. its ok. so up to you.

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, think i am going to go for this one. :-D

    Might be worth checking out the earlier post re. buying direct from Sharp, after joining their Affinity scheme. Prices seem quite good from them if you do this. As long as you know someone who works for one of their accredited scheme members you can join and make some good savings, BT is one ;-) (I looked for the original post but couldn't find it sorry!) [url][/url]
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