Thinking of changing my phone but not sure if it will work on the 3 network what do i look for and what do all these mean, HSCSD, WCDMA 900/2100 HSDPA, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, GSM 850, GSM 900

    I know there are some phones for sale but some people say they are untested on 3 or even it doesnt work on 3, how can I tell please?


    Basically any unlocked "3g" phone will work on 3. If it's not a 3g phone it will not work.

    As in 3g and not 2g.

    1st Generation phones were analogue with no simcard etc (nec p3 etc)

    2nd Generation phones have simcards etc.

    3rd Generation phones have faster speeds, can handle internet and usually have video calling.

    Edit: Someone may come along and say I'm wrong in a minute but it sums it up for me.

    HSDPA = New high speed internet on mobiles, I think it's up to 7.2mb/s

    GSM 1800/900/850/900 are network frequencies and only matter if you're going abroad, a network will run on 1 or 2 of the above, a lot of countries use all 4 / 5, depends if you count 850, some only use 2, so if you have a GSM 800 mobile and go to a country that is GSM 900 your phone will not work. So when looking for a phone you need to decide if you want Dual Band (2) Tri-Band (3) of Quad Band (all 4 800/900 1800/1900).

    Quad is only really necessary if you are planning on a round the world trip. Tri will be suitable for most countries Dual is pretty much all phones.

    WCDMA is a 3G frequency. Don't know much about it but wikipedia does ]HERE

    Can't help with HSCSD but a quick wiki search tells me it really isn't anything you need to worry about if buying a new phone, unless of course you seriously know what you want, but with respect, this thread tells me you're not one of those

    Hope it helps
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