Thinking of changing router.

Found 16th Jul
Hi, Can anyone tell me if it's worth buying a " Linksys WRT32X-UK AC3200 " to replace my current " TP link ac1900 " router. Does it have more range? thanks.
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The Archer C9 is a decent router, are you having problems with it that you are thinking of replacing it?
Its ok. It's range is not hitting all areas I need it too. It is in bad place tbh, we had it placed at the back of our house so it could reach our out house ( which it didn't reach anyway) and now the out house is not being used The connection is very unstable upstairs and front room is slow. Bedroom closet to it is great.

Thinking of getting a mesh instead, now that Linksys gone up in price.
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Range is a tricky subject. None of the routers are more or less powerful so a lot of it just comes down to how the antenna placement and alignment suits the way your devices are arranged around the router.

You don't say which TP-link AC1900 rated router you have, but the VR900, D9 and C9 all have adjustable antennas so you're not going to get much better than that.

Have you actually aligned the antennas for your current router? The normal router antennas (dipole designs) are designed to be at right angles to the path of the single. If you're pointing the narrow end at the toublesome areas you're getting the worst possible sensitivity.

You can get applications for computers and phones that'll show you the actual received power (-dBm) which will let you get optimimum alignment of the antennas on both ends of the connection. Higher numbers are better (e.g. -30 is better than -70).

Setting up a second access point to make a mesh system is a good way to go, especially if you can run a wired connection into the troublesome areas. If you get a strong connection in the bedroom closet but not the bedroom it sounds like something to do with the construction/decoration of the house, so the wi-fi connected ones may work in the right location.
I have the C9 , I've pointed the antennas to the longest most worst performing area and it just about hits it. I'll try an application to see what comes up. I think it's mainly down to were it is placed, thinking of changing providers just so we can get it moved to the front of the house without paying engineer fee.
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