Thinking of getting a macbook.....whats your thoughts ???????????????

    As the title say's really......are they so good ?????


    Well depends what you want it for? It wont wash your clothes or make a cup of tea.
    But if you want to look cool and use graphics/photo software then they are great.

    I am still a PC man but two guys at work moved to Mac and will never use a pc again at home. One bought a Macbook ans brought it in and the build quality is very impressive.
    I guess as always, if the software you need to use is available on the Mac as well then go for it..
    They are both It guys as well...

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    I guess just's,video,music and surf the web....

    Would also be nice if it could make a cup of tea aswell !!!!


    Well depends what you want it for? It wont wash your clothes or make a … Well depends what you want it for? It wont wash your clothes or make a cup of tea. .


    I love macs, if i had the money id buy one.. saw a mac in pc world, built in camera and stuff...totally uneeded really.. but wow it was awesome!

    I quite like Big Macs.

    I did the change about a year ago, yes you pay a hefty premium for it but i hate using pc's now. You need to make sure YOU think its worth the money.


    I quite like Big Macs.

    I looooove mine. It's a big investment, but I wouldn't go back to a PC now.

    Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best thing is to go into a shop and play with one, or borrow one from someone you know. Mac's are something you either get or you don't, it's a personal preference thing.

    Myself , having had an MBP, I'd never go back to a Windows based laptop - they're in a whole different league.

    if you can afford why not...

    MBP all the way. Can always install Windows with boot flawlessly. (All drivers updated for 64bit versions of windows too with boot camp 2.1) and then you can dual boot or even run windows apps side by side in OS X with Fusion or Parallels. But tbh I'd stay in OS X as much as possible... the apps are really well thought out and quick... also I like using all the quality trackpad short cuts, spaces etc...
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