Thinking of getting iPhone.

    Yeh, i know weeks ago there was iphone craze on this forum but i currently have SE w850i and i may sell it and get an iphone. as i have a lot of music and iphone looks cool!!!! Where is the cheapest i can get an iphone and also is that carphone warehouse offer still on. Thanks.
    i also want to unlock it to 02



    Only the 16gb from o2 but £329. Or a second hand one.

    Offer is still on but the chance of you finding one in stock at a carphone warehouse store or O2 store is very slim.
    RRP elsewhere is £269 so it's likely to be found at around that price.
    But a 3G version should be expected soon, in a month or so, so current iPhone models are likely to drop in price anyway.

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    why get an iphone? i dont think there worth the money for what you get. why not get a nokia n95 yeah a bit pricey but they are well worth the money.
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