Thinking of getting the Fire HD 8

Found 16th Aug 2017
Morning all, looking to get a tablet. I was thinking of getting the Amazon Fire HD 8 but are they any good? I'll be using it mainly to read comics using comixology, reading magazines as PDF files and maybe put a movie on a micro sd card for long journeys. Are there any better tablets out there for £80 or should I get the Fire HD8?
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Hi, I was also looking for a tablet for reading comics too and one of my buddies got the & and 8 inchers but they just seem way too small to read comics on. Atm, 10 inch seems to be perfect but try and find a decent one sub £100
10 inches may be a bit big. I'll be reading the comics on the tube to and from work haha. I'll have a look at some 10 inch tablets though
For £80 you will be hard pushed to find something better.

The specs are a little old, but it is a HD screen.

Definitely don't go for the 7 inch.

Do you have Amazon Prime?

If so, it's a no brainer, especially with Prime Reading which now includes some graphic novels for free loan.

There are plenty of instructions on the Internet on how to install the Google Play store.
I have one v good except outdoors probably would look at android tablet at same spec price as amazon App Store is pants and loading google play store on it is buggy as hell
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