thinking of joining a diet club!

    has any one got and thought on which ones are the best, weight watchers or slimming world?


    i prefer ww and my mam does slim world shes lost 2 stone and almost at target u can eat loads on tht one but i love my choci so ww is better for me cos i use my points on what ever crap i like and dont eat too much where as mam doesnt like to be hungry and eats lots of free healthy food on sw it depends on you really but good luck

    Ive never tried weight watchers but I love slimming world as you can eat as much as you want.
    Pm me for mroe details

    Deffo go for Slimming World :thumbsup:

    And good luck!

    Slimming World without a doubt!

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    thanks all!

    I lost 5stn in 2 years with weightwatchers


    Wouldn't it be better just to join a gym and read up on healthy eating?


    Wouldn't it be better just to join a gym and read up on healthy eating?

    Often relying on your own willpower to get you making healthy meals and getting up to go the gym won't motivate you, some people need guidance and support. My friend does WW online and is absolutely dedicated to it, keeps hitting her targets and is doing really well, just from seeing how much she is enjoying the experience makes me recommend it!

    To save starting a new thread im bumping this one ..

    So i took the step and joined WW this week
    My first impression at the meeting was wow leader has a before pic up (bigger than i am now)
    but to see her in person she is like super thin! and so motivated ..she's also added me on f/b which is good as its daily advice on hand if im having a bad day
    There were over 30 people there that stayed until the end of the meet but a few left after being weighed
    Im well impressed and its 2 minutes from my door to the meetings, which is good for me as my mobility isnt great
    The food ..well day 3 of it and im very impressed at the tastes and varietys of stuff you can have each day

    maybe any other dieters can help motivate each other, tbh i dont think im going to get much support at home with this, im doing it for me not anyone else.
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