Thinking of leaving 02 for Orange due to W995 contract deal.....big mistake??

    Can any of you on the Orange network let me know of any problems you have with them, or indeed how good they are to deal with.
    I'm with 02 at the moment, and think they are very good for customer service, signal etc and am a bit wary of leaving them, but the contract i want is a 12 month one, which 02 don't do on this phone

    Any advice appreciated, thanks!


    I'm with Orange and never had a problem, I left O2 to go with them and seem to have a better signal coverage. The only time i've needed to phone customer services ended with a quick helpful phonecall.

    im with o2, due to better discounts with work, found orange customer services much better.

    I have been on an Orange contract for over ten years; there has never been a problem and have never lost a single day's service and never found a coverage failure.


    big mistake, o2 > orange.

    Just be careful tho re the network coverage as it all depends where you live. I can't get Orange where I live so I would suggest you check on their site or even borrow an Orange sim card to check it out? Shame cos they do some good deals!

    I live in Nottingham NG10 and O2 coverage is no doubt better bu i all depends where you live, been with Orange 8 years and customer service always been very good.

    They are more or less all the same but just make sure in the first few days that you get a good signal where you need it in time to cancel if you have to,

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    nice one guys, thanks for the help
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