thinking of selling my n97

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Found 19th Nov 2009
hay okay ive had my n97 for a while and im just not to sure about it. now its all brand new and still has the screen protector on it box and all the bits so i thought it be worth about £290 but then i totally patched and sorted it out so you can put any app on it without the annoyin cert error do you think that put up the price at all? thanks

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Nope. Same price.

No. lol. In fact, some may deem that as you've messed around with it the price should be decreased. If I were in the market, I'd presume to buy one that hasn't been messed around with, but that's just me!

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not really messed about i see like the same as the iphone and ipod touch when ya jailbreak em people prefer it.

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