Thinking of selling up pc wise

    Hi guys
    Been running things through my head this evening.
    In regards to selling up my computer and buying a laptop.
    I currently have lots of computers and 1 laptop, and basically i hardly game anymor, this is one of the reasons why i have a desktop.

    My main reasons are space, dont really need a desktop, dont game much, only really generally surf and use photoshop these days.

    Basically what im after is some advice about laptops, ive only ever bought one laptop, pretty basic spec with vista.

    My plan is to sell: all my pc components bar some some stuff(and i have loads, if you need anything ask me lol)

    And put all the money towards a pretty decent spec laptop that will run photoshop, msn, and all that malarky with no problems or slowness.
    And also be able to play hl2 games(css etc) with no problem.

    I currently have a e6400pc and a q6600 pc.
    Im looking for one similar spec to either, pricewise i wouldnt know.

    Any advice and information would be appreciated.


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    have you got a hd dvd/bluray drive by any chance?
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