Thinkpad Carbon x1

    Recently bought a Asus Zenbook Flip UX360UA (8gb ram, 128gb ssd, i5-6200, 1.3kg) from a deal on here, works out at £460. I havent opened it yet and am considering sending it back as the screen may be too small at 13.3".

    How does this Lenovo Thinkpad refurb priced at £399 and with a 14" screen compare, are they decent machines?…704?hash=item4af42f8470:g:Uo8AAOSwx~JWFVKf

    Thinkpad Carbon x1


    The X1 is likely to be a better made machine as it's business-class (although with limited serviceability compared to previous or bigger business-class machines).
    Here are some reviews and links to the two Thinkpad wikis:…bon

    Go and have a look at a 14" screen first, if the 13.3 was too small, you may think the same of the 14. I suspect less than an inch won't be enough difference

    The think pad might be better made. But it is Much older. The graphics and CPU will be much worse. Ivybridge must be 5 years old+ by now. Look on MCSCOM for a cheap Dell Latitude.

    Also there is very little difference between a 13.3 and a 14.
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