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    Sadly selling my dell XPS 13, sadly I need dual monitor via HDMI and one vga, and seems thinkpad works better without dodgy dongles, Want the best proccesor thinkpad there is (classic not the new thinkpads that are not durable), thinking the x230 i7-3520m, this the best?, then want to upgram the ram with the best 2x4gb ram, but not sure what shall I pickup? worth getting expensive one? and then ssd will get fastest 120gb model...

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    I have a T440P which is one of the durable 14" models, works well and has dual output mDP & VGA, both work at the same time but disable the inbuilt screen. Can get round this using a thinkpad/usb dock though, E.g. a USB 3 HDMI output for under a tenner (so you use inbuilt screen + one of the vga/mDP [not both] and a dock/usb output for the 3rd screen). The T440P is great and I'm really happy except the touchpad is the biggest piece of crap I've ever used, luckily they fixed this and reverted to the older design with proper buttons in the newer models, not that that helps me of course. The T460P is nice as well but I find the full HD panel a pain on a machine that size, I know you can scale it but that breaks some apps.

    Ram wise you'll never notice a difference, get the cheapest big name brand you can for that capacity. SSD is the same, unless you sit there moving files 24/7 you'll never know. For a general user experience example, think of a HDD as a 1 on a scale, an old slow SSD is a 9, a standard 'normal' SSD as a 9.5 and the best as a 10, you're already so far from a HDD it's negligible. The main advantage of an SSD is access times, a standard 7200RPM HDD is ~9ms, SSD's are under 0.25ms.
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