Third Party Authorizations On Ebay Has Someone Got Access To Your Account?.

Posted 7th Feb 2010
It seems that it's possible for third parties to set themselves up on your eBay account. Go to My Account -> Preferences -> General Preferences -> Third Party Authorizations and check if you've got the same problem.

I just checked my account and found 7 authorisations two where ebay themselves the other 5 where completely unknown to me, one was set up 6 days ago!.
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Just checked I had too from Ebay only, so i have just revoked them, as your account been hijacked >?
After a bit of thinking I only recognised one of the 5 which was from an ebay sniping tool I used a couple of years back. Stumbled across them by accident V worrying, prob overkill but changed my password to be on the safe side.

Dynetic Solutions ]look like the company that made eBay's mobile web page.

Nothing to worry about apparently. They don't have access to your account.

"Authorized third party" does not mean that anyone has "access" to your … "Authorized third party" does not mean that anyone has "access" to your account. It means that you used that service once in conjunction with an eBay transaction. It was a one time thing that the "authorized" party cannot repeat.

Some other that are 3rd party

* Andale
* Bonfire Media LLC
* Infopia
* Auctionhouse
* ChannelAdvisor
* AuctionWorks
* Zoovy
One of mine was the firefox addon "ebay Sidebar for Firefox". Didn't realise until I revoked it and it logged the sidebar out. Logging back in recreates it. Another one might be the eBay iGoogle gadget if you have one.
thanks for the post, i am glad that I say this post. Had the same problem
`There is no problem here - they are applications you have given access. I know for instance the firefox ebay addon ASKS you for access.

This is just scaremongering.
Not Scaremongering. I got a 'monthly fee' from ebay and found that 'Dynetic Solutions' allowed itself to be authorized.
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