Third party fire & theft cover, help.

    My mum has just called, I don't have experience with 3rd party insurance, so need some help. Her car was stolen.
    She is digging out the details now, but basically her car has been spotted the thieves have legged it and the car was hotwired.
    The police towed the car and have told her she can't access it for 2 days.
    She has been told by the insurance company they will not cover the cost of the police tow, if the car was not damaged, I would call hot wiring damage. But there you go.
    Also she will have to pay for the police to store it, even though they want to keep it and fingerprint it, is this right?
    They also won't pay to fix the hot wiring or if it's not economical they will not pay the right off value.
    So what does the theft part actually cover then, does this sound right? If so what's the quickest way to transfer funds to my mum to cover the ludicrous fees as she is skint.
    Rep for help will get back later have to take the baby up to the DR's


    how did they get into the car to hotwire it...they must have either damaged it in some way, or if the car was left open then as far as i know most insurances are void
    and bank transfer would prob be the fastest way to transfer money.
    Apaer from that i dont know...but hope you get it sorted

    third party fire and theft only covers u if u damage somone else ur car catches fire or its stolen as ur mum now has it back your insrance wont pay out which sucks this is why more and more people have fully comp


    Not sure yet as she has not seen it, was deffo not left open though, … Not sure yet as she has not seen it, was deffo not left open though, would not be hard to get into it, it was an old banger. Right must go, thanks

    Sorry to hear about that :x

    what a nightmare-i feel really sorry for your mum-would citizens advise be any help?

    Going into your mums bank and putting funds into her account would be fast.

    The Insurance company need to be spoken to properly - yes the majority of them do have ludicrously stupid 'get-out' clauses, BUT the whole point of it is that it has been stolen!

    Hence the cover for theft - believe it or not you MAY note MAY also be covered under your household insurance - not for the theft of the vehicle but for other parts of this - also if she was a member of the AA / RAC that is worth looking at - but I doubt she was?

    Of course the car would have to have been damaged in some way - the Police storing it and charging you for that is a bit mean to say the least. The reason why it takes up to two days is because it is a 'scene of crime' and they need to see if they cn find any finger prints and /or incriminating evidence - but the likihood of securing a conviction based on .... Well, I won't go there as I am clearly not in a position to know - BUT.....
    Tell the insurance that it HAS been damaged, and further more it is CRIMINAL damage, also it has (probably) got damage inside as well as chip marks to the paint and what not and so on....
    The Insurance Company can't simply wash their hands of their liability here and also their responsibility to offer you a service of which you are legally obliged to have....
    There is a strong case in some of the 3rd party insurace rip offs to take them to Court for mis-representation and so on.

    You may be able to successfully argue that it isn't worth the storage fees and tow fees and get it 'written off' depending on its age, or if it is really old (as in more than 10 years) using the grant that you can get for it to obtain from the Government for a new car.... A kind of trade in if you like.

    Sorry to hear about that - it isn't nice when the scally's do that....

    And as somebody above me said - short of cash - the quickest way is bank transfer.
    By the way - I hope the Baby is OK? Good luck at Dr's.
    Good luck.



    that's why you should always get fully comprehensive if you want to be paid out


    Thanks everyone, erm I am going to try and look into this more tomorrow,I … Thanks everyone, erm I am going to try and look into this more tomorrow,I was at the dr's a lot longer than I thought I would be, but baby is fine thanks CC.Thanks for all the comments, appreciate them all

    Glad to hear all is well with bubby - was getting worried - coz we thought you were longer than anticipated.

    Good luck and don't forget to look into that policy carefully, and come back with more questions if need be! ;-)

    The insurance companies make a small (extremely large) fortune - but stipe you up the second you need to make a claim - i think in the long run if we only had to pay out for any accident we had rather than insurance premiums every year most of us would be a lot richer - the only problem is most of us wouldn't have the money available to pay out right away should an accident happen
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