This a good Deal?

    Hi all
    some help need
    Come to the end of my contract with Vodfone and have managed to haggle the following

    12 month contract
    basic deal 100 mins and 50texts (not really bothered about this read below)
    unlimted web and email
    family and friends (free calls between 4 people)
    £15 month
    Vodafone v1615 for £150 (otherwise called HTC TyTn II)

    Now I have a contract with 3 on there £20 1100 deal so text and calls not really needed. but the plan was to give the wife and the mother in law a vodafone each so they can ring each other without costing my landline phone bill a arm and leg.
    also always wanted the HTC TyTn II

    any advice or should i hold out for more or any better deals around?




    for £250 for a yearly contract u shud get a tytn free and some healtyh minutes.

    Push 'em a bit harder... i'm on Vodafone, and get 1000 texts & 250 mins inc 'stop the clock' for £15/month

    Original Poster

    contract would be £15 month x 9months £30 month for 3 months = £225

    but getting family and friend worth £5
    unlimited web and email worth £5
    and there tariff which is normaly £19.99 with stop the clock

    the phone is this one here…713

    which is £450+ sim free
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