this any better

    Sophie Ellis Bextor found headbutted to death in the apartment of a French footballer.

    Apparently it was murder on Zidane's floor...


    ha ha ha ha ha ha


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    Groan, but seriously I did laugh...........a little

    do you think i can post this ,it s a bit funnier...

    A woman was in a coma for several months when one day the nurses noticed a slight response while washing her ****.

    They rushed to her husband & explained what had happened, suggesting a little oral sex might bring her round, to which he readily agreed.

    A few minutes later her monitor flatlined, no pulse or heart rate and the crash team raced in screaming "what happened"

    The husband replied "I'm not sure but think she may have choked"

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    A dwarf with a lisp goes into a stud farm "I'd like to buy a horth" he says to the owner of the farm.

    "What sort of horse?" said the owner.
    "A female horth" the dwarf replies.

    So the owner shows him a mare.
    "Nithe horth." says the dwarf, "Can I thee her eyeth?"

    So the owner picks up the dwarf to show him the horses eyes.
    "Nithe eyeth.", says the dwarf, "Can I thee her teeth?"

    Again the owner picks up the dwarf to show him the horses teeth.
    "Nithe teeth.... can I see her eerth?" the dwarf says.

    By now the owner is getting a little fed up but again, picks up the dwarf to show him the horses ears. "Nithe eerth.' he says.

    'Now...can I see her twot?"

    With this the owner picks the dwarf up by the scruff of his neck and shoves his head deep inside the horse! He holds him there for a couple of seconds before pulling him out and putting him down.

    The dwarf shakes his head and says "Perhaps I should weefwaze that...Can I see her wun awound?"

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    A woman went into a sex shop and said to the assistant,
    'I want a vibrator please',

    the assistant said
    'All the vibrators are on that wall madame'.

    She said, 'Ill have the red one please'.
    He said 'Sorry madame, Thats the fire extinguisher'

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    Think you were ahead with the first one,lol. Best to stop now haha

    think you might be right,lol....
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