This christmas list of mine

    Hey everyone. Not sure if anyone has any tips for me but Im after the cheapest prices here.

    First off, for my nan im after A Family at War Complete Series DVD Box set. Cheapest Ive found is from Currys Entertainment Website using the 10% off code making it £100. Can anyone beat that?

    Secondly for my missus Im after the Friends Series 1-10 box set. Ive seen some old posters getting it for £90 but the best I can find is for around £103. Anyone beat this?

    Thats about all cheers. Thanks in advance for your help :thumbsup:


    For Nan - Family at War £39.99 from Bensons World

    Friends series 1-10 - Amazon is the cheapest I have found too.

    I've changed my mind!....Ebay is the cheapest for Friends 1-10

    Original Poster

    Hey thanks Christmasshopper. Ive been looking around Ebay but im dubious over DVDs off there now. So, so many people selling "asian imports" which we all know are just copies. I bought the simpsons series 8 the other day and now the seller has run off with my cheque and is no longer registered on ebay:shock: Lucky it was only £15 really.
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