This deal just about sums up this site recently

    The ebay free listing for items under 99p weekend, saving a whole 10p

    WOO feckin' HOO



    for power sellers, thats a lot of money

    :lol: it's a shame that with most things on ebay you have to either do a higher start price or buy it now to get a reasonable amount for your items :-(

    as much as I HATE Ebay now ... that's not bad if you have 100's of items to sell !

    i dont think its very fair of u to bring ur problem with the deal to misc, whatever u think of it, u should have just put ur opinion in that thread not create a new thread just to moan about a deal u think is cold.

    Agreed but supermarkets deals are worse.

    the pennies soon add up.


    I was in my local supermarket last night and they was selling food :roll:

    can you actually believe a pet shop.....sells PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thought they just sold boys meself

    you are a ball bag, please go and grump at other ball bags and not people looking for a bargain

    I bet the Aussies would love this thread :lol:

    for power sellers, thats a lot of money

    Not really they are loaded as it is if they are power sellers lol

    what a deal! what is prob

    I use the free listing days to offload stuff I don't expect to sell - I will put on 100 items or so, and probably sell 10 of them. All it costs me is the final listing fee rather than £10 in listing fees if I did it on a normal day.
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