This games site claims to be legal...

is it, not sure but heard its been recommended on other sky channels etc, there is a joining fee but then you can download legally, the games.

This is what it says on site
100% Legal - Guaranteed!
Easy To Use.
No Extra Hardware Required.
Over 95 million files Music, Movies, Games & much more.
Members have unlimited access, no restrictions!
No Ads Or Spyware!
Free 24 hour Technical Support.
Step By Step Instruction.

Now before i think of this more, can some please tell me if it is.
PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 games etc

its its $49.99 to join so around £25-£30 ish.


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I am now thinking after reading more, you pay to join then it sends you to another site or it has the link on there for the "illegal" download??

the website doesn't work, it just puts you on a domain holding page.

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sorry typed it wrong its [url][/url]

After reviews of reading, its legal to buy the subscription from looks of it but it just shows you where you can download the content which is then illegal!!!

It's a scam, they're trying to charge people for freely available information...

great deal, only 100 dollars and ive got both my computers downloading legaly ! voted hot lol

Will probably be torrents on private trackers.
The problem with file sharing isnt the downloading..after all you may already own that cd/dvd/game and can make a backup of it
But when it comes to the uploading or sharing of said cd/dvd/game thats when your breaking copyrights.

Newsgroups are the way to go


Even if you did download the games, they wont play on your console unless it has had hardware modifications. best to avoid.


great deal, only 100 dollars and ive got both my computers downloading … great deal, only 100 dollars and ive got both my computers downloading legaly ! voted hot lol

'legally' lmao innit. Yup, I can picture the meeting at Sony HQ now:

'Well, selling these games at £40 is getting boring, let's do the whole lot of them for £25'
'No way, we'll lose loads of money!'
'Yes, but we'll save the 10p that packaging costs on every game we sell!'
'Oh, okay then. We'll sell our consoles at a loss to get people to buy them and then make a whole £25 per console.'
'Yes- sounds good. Oh, did you hear I got the managers job at Newcastle United?'
'Yes, and i'm off to manange Northern Rock'

Have just read down at the bottom of the page: is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo Wii or Sony PS3 and Xbox team. The purchase of a membership is not a license to upload or download copyrighted material. We urge you to respect copyright laws and share responsibly. GamerMediaDownload.comdoes not provide a direct database for downloading. provides members with the necessary software, tutorials & unlimited technical support for their downloading needs.

So yeah its just torrent files...stay well away

usually things like this just provide you with a client to access a p2p network, wont even be torrents i bet, will be the old kazza network or something as ****, complete scam.

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I was pretty certain it may of been a link to other torrents etc etc, but thought i would ask on the off chance it was a good thing....if its to good to be true, then its 99.9% is!!

Newgroups are the best thing to use


Newgroups are the best thing to use


got any links mate?

what's this 'google' people keep talking about?

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Please please tell me ya joking??? lol

I was reading about this one the other day:

It seems quite good, but I haven't done much research on it yet. It is only for PC Games though I think. At £13 a month it seems quite good, most PC Games cost £30 each, so as long as you download a handful a year your getting your monies worth heh.

More than likely you will be downloading a few more than that though hehe. There is a cheaper option at £7 a month but it looks a little scarce of the better games. The games come patched too, so no need to mess about sorting that out. Looks really good, but I guess that is because I am a PC Gamer and not really into Consoles.
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