Found 17th Nov 2009
Well they finally made a laptop that ticks all the boxes.. and its an ASUS as well.. Love them..…ic/

1 yr accidental damage warranty and 2 yrs Worldwide warranty included in the US. 12 hr battery life (and that is actual battery life)

Gotto get mate to get this now!!

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Looks awesome

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review of its older cousin, the 14"…ew/

battery life is 12 hrs and 15 mins! .. obviously with the integrated gfx.. but mind blowing anyway!!

nice, whats the pricing like for this baby?

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around $749 on launch shud be around $650 in a couple of months or at Xmas

This looks banging.

I am getting my first laptop this week. Well, renting it from my cousin for free until January to revise for my exams.

oh my this is sweeeeeeeeeet

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It is sweet alright, just waiting for it to come outin the wild on sale!! got my CC ready!
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