This is a long shot but: Ikea green/blue mosaic mirror

Found 4th Jul 2010
So late last year I saw a mirror that really caught my eye and I planned to have it in a similar colour room in the house I was buying.

Long story shot, sale fell through, but bad news turned to good and I good a better place. Still planned on having the same color scheme in one of the room though but Ikea have now discontinued the mirror.

Does anyone have any idea as to where I would go about finding one. There is nothing on ebay, but i'm open to other suggestions or maybe theres a small possibility someone may have one they dont want any more?


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There is a similar one on Ebay, item number 220618830800
Or maybe you could buy a plain one like this wilkinsonplus.com/Mir…614 and also some glass paints and then copy the Ikea one? I think they sell the paints in Hobbycraft.
here's a blue one on ebay 250659190243, another 390214683854,
Thanks for your help guys, rep to both.

Unfortunately I have no skill at all when it comes to paining so unless I want a metallic smudge on the wall I'll give that a miss. The blue ones are just what i'm looking for only the wrong colour

I may end up going with the first suggestion but tis a bit outside budget as the ikea one was only £15-£20 but its only my delay to blame for that.
have you asked ikea if they have any stock left anywhere? they may be able to help you out? otherwise keep watching on ebay - one will be along eventually!

Do Ikea still do the plain mirror mosaic one - they are nice too?
I've not asked ikea, but on your recommendation I will do so. I'm thinking now I may just stick a generic £4.99 one up until I find one along the line.
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