This is Funny!!

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    LOOOL! X) classic gay guy reaction.
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    very funny!!!

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    lol i was literally in tears laughing when i watched it X)

    i have to say if that ever happened to me in real life...i think i would have s**t myself!!!

    Pmsl that's the funniest thing I've seen in ages Ha!

    Haha thanks for posting haven't laughed so much in ages


    Brilliant, Absolutely Brilliant

    Love it! So funny


    Pah I would have been like what ever man, I see worse stuff at work.

    Classy stuff

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    bump for more people to watch


    Dam, that was awesome

    Ha ha ha sooooooo funny, he screamed like a girl!

    I've been to the Philippines and they are so effeminate!!

    tbh I was pretty scared watching it.......

    very good first time i have seen this
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