This is getting confusing now - Looking to buy a new DSi for my daughter in Australia but its region locked

    Its getting more confusing by the minute, i have found out (thanks to some very helpful HUKD members) that the DSi will be backwards compatible with the DS games and that she can use a Aussie plug adapter to charge it, but i have now found this article,…yes

    So if it is region locked she wont be able to buy any DSi games from Australia to use on it? as it has been purchased in the UK


    Correct. The dsi will be region locked for new software produced specificly for the dsi. all current and further ds titles will remain region free.

    how lame is that?

    Mina , get ready for a new flash cart.

    Another thing Australia is PAL anyways?

    Apparently its down to region specific net features they will offer.

    My family live in Australia and I have found that games are no alway compatible. If you are taking it over when you go for a visit fine, but if not then your family may be stuck with duty at their end.

    doesn't the the cartridges like the r4 and cycloevolution work on DSi because i thought they are region free products plus theres usually a away to get rid of region coding
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