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    Probably a competition too!…me/

    Can you give Bicester Bear a home?
    Date: 24 Feb 2009 15:39

    Paddington Station was where Paddington Bear was found, but now Chilterns Bicester North station has found an abandoned bear of its own. The as yet unnamed Teddy was found in the lift at the footbridge with a note attached saying Please give me a good home by staff recently and theyve been struggling to find a home for him.

    Jason Harle of Bicester North, who found the bear said:

    Hes been a great companion for us all at the ticket office. But, we think he needs to go to a proper home now. A busy train station really is no place for a bear. So, if you would like to take him home then they should get in contact with us. Remember, hell need lots of attention and care! Its a big commitment to look after a bear like this.

    If you think youve got what it takes to look after and name the Bear of Bicester North, then please get in contact by Friday by selecting here.


    Prob full of fleas lol

    This should be moved to the freebie section - lol

    that's a big bear! i'd call him Blue, for obvious reasons:-D

    Original Poster


    This should be moved to the freebie section - lol

    Or competition, since there's only one.
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