This is Strange...........

    - acecatcher3


    It's a good one, I remember this one from a while back, had me puzzled...

    it's all to do with 9's, you will find that the answer is always the symbol that is adjacent to the following numbers: 0, 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72 & 81... :wink:

    It doesn't matter what number you pick to start with neither... :wink:

    Very good though, nicely done....

    I don't get how this works, I've tried different numbers and got different symbolds but each time it shows the right symbol!!!


    It's straight forward it's just based around 10s - for example suppose you choose 10 that gives you 1+0, so you take that from 10 and it gives you 9.

    But suppose you go for 11 instead well you've increased your original number by 1 but you've also increased your subtraction by 1 : eg.. it's now 11- (1+1) so again the answer is 9, the answer is always a multiple of 9, the only reason the value increases is if you choose a number in a higher multiple of 10 - ie for all numbers 20-29 the answer will be 18, for all numbers 30-39 the answer is 27
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