This made me giggle.

    Punishments in Hell...
    A gentleman died and arrived in hell. He was met by the Devil and was told that in the new kinder gentler hell, each person is offered Three choices of torture. The Devil explained that these tortures run in 1000 year cycles and you could pick which cycle in which to begin.

    So the Devil took the man to the first room where a man was hung up by his feet and was being whipped with chains. The man said he did not think that was where he wanted to start.

    They proceeded to the next room where a man was hung up by his arms and was being whipped by a Cat-O-Nine Tails. The man also declined this form of torture.

    The third room had a man strapped to the wall naked and a very beautiful young blonde woman was performing oral sex upon him. The man told the Devil this is more like it, and this was the one he wanted.

    The Devil said are you sure?, it lasts for 1000 years! The man assured him that this was the punishment he wanted.

    So the Devil walked over to the young woman and said "You can go now, I have found your replacement"


    thats awesome!!!

    Yes, I liked that one too. Just told my mum it! She laughed too!

    Original Poster

    You're welcome. feel free to add some on.

    took me a while to understand it
    good though!


    heard it before but tis a great joke

    Original Poster

    Just read this once, made me laugh too

    The Italian Job

    In a hotel room, Jim Morrison is in one corner with the rest of his band; in another corner are John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star - all are naked.

    Monica Lewinsky walks in, squats seductively in front of Jim Morrison and begins to play the pink oboe. She gives him the presidential treatment then moves on to his guitarist, bassist, then his drummer and the keyboard player.

    When she's finished, she licks her lips and wanders over to John Lennon and begins to do the same to him.

    At that moment, there's a huge crash and Michael Caine smashes through a wall in a Mini-Cooper. He jumps out, grabs her by the scruff of the neck and shouts

    scroll down wait for it

    "Oi, you're only supposed to blow the bloody Doors off!""

    The Italian job, wasn't expecting that , lol

    That was funny

    Made me laugh!! :giggle::giggle:

    made me laugh too:)
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