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Posted 30th Jun 2010

On both Lyca Mobile's landing page, and offers page, it lists credit £30 and get extra £10 free.

No mention of terms or conditions - just...

"Free £10 credit with £30 top up"

HOWEVER - when you buy a top up, they come as a £10 and £20 credit. Despite failing to mention any of the above being subject to any terms or conditions. WIth 30 odd lines of full-page width small print - hidden in this it says...

Get £10 free credit when you top-up your Lycamobile PLUS SIM for single top-up denomination of £30. A combination of different denominations equal to £30 will not applicable for this promotion. Free credit top-ups amount is limited to a total of 3 top-up per calendar month. Any subsequent top-ups in this calendar month will not receive any free credit. The free credit will last for 30 days from the date of top-up. The offer may be withdrawn at any time in full or in part at the absolute discretion of Lycamobile UK Ltd. unless the offer is withdrawn, it is valid from 18.06.2010 until 31.07.2010. Any withdrawal will be notified at lycamobile.co.uk.


So is the UK really so bad that you require to check terms and conditions that without being even hinted at in the offer - make it unavailable from top up outlets? I started using PAYG after having a contract that was so poor they ended it early. Sorry - you probably need to have been a "Three" customer for this to make sense.

Last month's stunt was "our low price calls only apply to £30 top ups" making calls 400% more expensive than advertised - but this was not even mentioned on their site! It took the best part of an hour's calls to India's 'finest' to fix this.

It's hardly surprising Lycatel are being investigated presently!
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Can't you top up £30 by card?

Can't you top up £30 by card?

One of the reasons for going to PAYG was that they had no connection with my bank. I pick up a top up either from the local offy, or when I get messages. The lost of T-mobile data last year made one less person knowing my banking details seem a better bet.

So £30 seems available if you pay directly to them from your bank card - but not from normal top up outlets. Yet it does not mention this.

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Submit complaint … Submit complaint herehttp://www.asa.org.uk/Complaints-and-ASA-action/How-to-complain/Online-Form.aspx

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I spoke with Trading Standards about something similar that was only mentioned in the small print. There was no mention in the big print nor an asterisk etc to say that t&c's applied.

TS said that they don't have to put anything in the big print, it's the customer's responsibility to check the t&c and see if they apply.

Not that I agree with it at all. Got to go through all this again with insurance now as they promised something that according to the t&c's is impossible. TS etc will most likely say that I should have checked t&c but any reasonable person would realised that you can't offer something but give it impossible to comply with t&c's!
Just buy online then and take that tin hat off your head, what's with the silly paranoia

It's hardly a con if you can get top ups in £30 denomonations
They have now texted the same offer to my phone. No mention of the terms. So I think TS are taking crap if there is something that is clearly misleading unless you dig through the entire T&Cs.

Additionally TS took an entirely different stance against Redsave (who tried to prevent this site from commenting upon it with threats of legal action) where their conditions which basically meant you didn't get what would be reasonably expected.

Obviously I have internet access - but Lyca don't offer data. So someone buying a sim and getting that message cannot tell without internet access that it is not really what it claims.

Additionally I have now discovered they cannot call 03 numbers (Richer Sounds shops and Santander Bank numbers) - so its getting more useless by the minute.

I'm pretty sure 03 have to be billed as landline, tell ofcom.

They are meant to - but give a message saying you cannot call that type of number.

Time to get the click generator out for revenge me thinks! :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:
I've tried ringing their customer services 5 times! and each time they cut me off, they are surly and very unhelpful - topped up £15 sent 1 text and my balance is £13.81. They had the gall to tell me they couldn't call me back if got cut of for the 6th time as "they don't have the facility"- I know differently, worked in a Call Centre and its just an excuse so you don't have to bother!!!
i guess they haven't improved in the last 2 years then
PLEASE DO NOT BUY ALL IN ONE BUNDLES FROM LYCAMOBILE. IT IS A BIG FAT CON!!!! I would like to make a complaint as i have been mi-sold one of Lycamobiles products. I purchased the 'All in One 39' for a month which states that you get UNLIMITED UK Calls and Texts, UNLIMITED International calls and texts to selected destinations as advertised and UNLIMITED data. After using my minutes, all my credit had been deducted as apparently i used up all my minutes and then was charged for calls that i made not knowing my minutes were up. According to one of their colleagues we only get 3000 minutes. My question is that how can you advertise that people get UNLIMITED minutes and text when there is a limit of 3000 minutes. Plus this is not very clear on the website and is at the bottom of the page. There is no * near the offer to refer customers to the terms and conditions to see that they only get 3000 minutes. This is a con and Lyca knows that the only way people will buy these bundles is if they think they have unlimited usage. If they give 3000 minutes, they CANNOT say that customers get UNLIMITED minutes as 3000 is a limit itself. It defeats the offer completely. I would like to tell you that i am extremely disappointed and will not be using Lycamobile ever again. They are misleading customers to take their money and this to me is illegal. I will also make a complaint elsewhere to see if i can resolve anything as thier colleague refused to give me a refund of £11 which was deducted from my account as i did not realise you started charging me. I will be taking this further. Thank you
Old thread ! Anyway fair use policy is common knowledge and unlimited is never unlimited next time read the t&c as this lot seem merciless.

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