This mother needs help Buying a Laptop. Please on specs etc. (totally lost)

    Me,I'm the mum....:)

    My head is spinning after i've looked at tons of threads about laptops,when you know exactly nothing about them......excepet,you plug in or charge them ,then get the drift.....:oops:

    This is for Christmas :santa:

    Who for .......12yr old,he does'nt need it for games,wants the internet wireless and play dvd's.

    Price range.....up too £300

    I get 10% discount @ Tesco's,so hopefully buy from them.

    I need to know what the hell to look in specs...memory,make, etc,as i can buy instore too,but they all look the same.

    Any help really appraicated,as i'm sure their are others out there with kids wanting laptops.

    I had look on the Medion shop online,are they any good,as they seem to supply Tesco,also i think Gateway another make.

    Thank guys :thumbsup:

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