This painting the roofs of all the buildings white idea?

    Is it actually viable? I heard to combat the loss of the ice sheets, polar caps etc we should all paint the roofs of our houses and workplaces white to reflect the suns rays and thus compensate in the battle to stop global warming. Anybody knowledgeable?


    WTF :w00t:

    This whole global warming thing is getting ridiculous, the main reason its big news in this country is so Gordon Brown can tax us more and not look bad doing it.

    Yes i admit things need to be done but going to the extent of painting your roof white................ what a joke! So all the chemicals and toxic material made to make the paint that then will be released into the atmosphere is going to help is it, no i dont think so its probably an idea released by Dulux or Crown to make some more money!

    Rant over :roll:

    Original Poster

    ...or you could use some old white sheets?

    or let the birds go cr*p-crazy on ur roof??

    We would need some sun first!

    Original Poster

    Actually would the paint typr or even surface of a sheet effect the reflectability (invents new word) of the roof?
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