this pair of Air Max 90 for as cheap as poss!

    lookin for these trainers cheaply,…693

    there 84.99 which is a bit ott.... perhaps if someone who works in JD or first sport could buy them for me (using thier work discount)?? (im in london)


    those are some ugly trainers:giggle:

    i got some normal coloured air max 90 last year, they cost me £22 as they were in one of the catalogue sales ( lx direct/empire/grattan/littlewoods/greatuniversal or who ever) for your first order you get £20 or £25 off the order.

    try them


    those are some ugly trainers:giggle:


    Original Poster


    those are some ugly trainers:giggle:

    there not ugly!! they may not look as good on the site but go in Jd Sports and they are well nice! trying not to sound chav>


    trying not to sound chav>‌

    failed miserably


    Synthetic leather? ...actually probably the tanned skin of the Thai workers who are paid 3p per pair - still I commend the vegetarian aspirations of this footwear.

    them trainers are actually not too bad

    Wait for the next LXDirect/Littlewoods offer.

    Is it my age but do people really pay these prices for a pair of pumps!!!:shock:

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    there well expensive aint they.. but im in love :P usually go max about 60

    what do u mean schizo??

    LX Direct/Littlewoods tend to have the occasional sale/discount on some lines of items, last time, or time before last I forget when, I got a £130 pair of Blue/Black Air Max 360s for £49.

    Albeit they are my only pair of trainers, I have selection of Caterpiller boots i far prefer

    look around in magazines and wait till you see a £20-25 joining discount. once you have done this go through quidco to join to get an "x%" or "£x" back in redemption. if your not the quidco kind of person there are also other sites like greasy palm, or if your a tesco shopper look out for deals...........
    [SIZE=2]it may sound like a bit of work but hope this helps in your venture:-D [/SIZE]
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