This person isn’t accepting messages right now?!!

Posted 20th Mar 2021
Evening all

ok, so ported my number to EE at the beginning of the week, no problems it seemed?

Thursday night, other half went shopping and tried to call me but it never connected for her or rang with me, she just got an automated message saying “this person isn’t accepting messages right now, why not send a text or try again later”
(Don’t know why it states messages when they’re calling?)
thought no more of it as it had been fine all day

then today get a text from a friend to say he’s been trying to call me for the last 2 days and couldn’t get me, just this same automated message?
got the other half to ring me again and she’s getting the same message, even when we’re in the same room?

have had a google and tried several “fixes” but can’t seem to cure it?

anyone else come across this and/or any suggestions as to how to get past it?
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